The TeamNeighbor Surf Team travels far away to a little island that has big history for surfers. Most of the surf breaks are a quarter mile away from shore, the island is protected by a reef that circles the island, the waves come in from deep open ocean then come up on the shallow reefs of moorea, Tahiti and Bora Bora. These Islands make up the French Poloniesion Islands. Here is a shot of a couple Neighbors makeing their way out to one of the special surf spots we found thanks to our Tahitian Neighbors, Its a location they asked us to keep secret, so there are no close up photos of the wave to show this trip, the Tahitians wanted us to surf with them not film. They said mabe next time, After I explained what TeamNeighbor was all about. More of The Story Coming Soon!
long paddle out
Don Szabo Looking For Action
Bela And Our New Friends
Tahitian Barbecue
Neighbor PUNU

good times

The hunt